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How to Repost on Instagram Fast and Easy

How to Repost on Instagram? Instagram for some reason by default does not provide a post repost feature or some people call it regram. One of the reasons may be to protect the copyright of the creator, where most of the content on Instagram is in the form of photos.

So is it actually possible to repost Instagram posts?

The answer is very likely. You just need to find the right tool and take a quick look at how it works.

How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts

  • First, download the Regrann app from the Play Store
  • Run it, then learn how to use it through the tutorial given when you first use the application.
how to repost on instagram android

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  • Now, close the Regrann app and re-open your Instagram app.
  • Find an interesting post, then tap the three dots above and tap Share to.
  • Select Regrant.
how to repost instagram post to story
  • Then, next, you will be sent to the Regran application page where you will get image information and also a notification about the caption that has been automatically copied. So you don’t have to go back to Instagram to copy captions.
  • Next, tap the Feed button if you want to share content to the Instagram feed, and tap Stories if you want to share it to Stories.
  • If your choice is to feed, then you just have to move on to the next step like when you post new content to IG.
  • For captions, if you want to use the same caption as the source of the post, just tap paste. If you want to create a new caption, please type it according to your wishes.
  • Tap share and your post will be published to your account.


  • For posts with more than one image (multi-post), Regrann will automatically download the photos you share using the method above. Then, you have to post photos manually, of course with the multi-post option.

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  • For video content, the content will be downloaded first. But, you can share directly from the Regran application like the steps above.
  • Since all content respotted to IG will be downloaded to memory first, pay attention to your safe space. Check regularly, delete if already posted.

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